Enterprise Architecture Services



Enterprise Architecture (EA) provides the processes, tools and techniques to determine current and future IT needs across the enterprise to align IT with the enterprise’s business goals.

A properly implemented Enterprise Architecture (EA) program can have a direct impact on your company/organization/agency’s agility in meeting regulatory challenges and adapting to changing environments. Enterprise Architecture (EA) can help companies/organizations/agencies incorporate their best practices and experiences into decisions about technology investments, compliance and emerging technologies, such as Business Process Management (BPM) and Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs). Enterprise Architecture (EA) helps companies/organizations/agencies understand the relationships between systems, data and people to its broader business goals. The next evolution, Actionable Architecture, takes enterprise information and helps people understand its context within the enterprise and to use this knowledge to improve organizational flexibility and responsiveness.

Enterprise Architecture (EA) acts as a central access point for the capture and dissemination of IT and business process information throughout all levels of a company/organization as a means to improve decision making. The term Actionable Architecture moves Enterprise Architecture (EA) from a static project to becoming a central platform for the capture and dissemination of IT and business process information. In essence, Enterprise Architecture (EA) becomes a strategic foundation for knowledgeable decision making and is based on traceable facts in a repository.

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a "road map" that shows the relationships among the processes, data and IT infrastructure found in multi-vendor, multi-platform environments such as those found in defense agency environments. Enterprise Architecture (EA) documents the current and future technology environment and the gap between the two. Enterprise Architecture (EA) also moves beyond the engineering perspective and examines requirements and application delivery. Enterprise Architecture (E) also adds the perspective of analysis and distribution of business and technology information.

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a means for developing a shared vocabulary, a first step toward integration and interoperability within and among organizations. It offers a flexible platform for sorting data appropriate to different users and audiences and facilitates the reuse of data across many systems. In the defense world, Enterprise Architecture assists in the development of integrated architectures, replacing the single solution approach of the past, or the "silo" approach.

Enterprise Architecture Benefits:

- Integrates Business Processes and Data across the Enterprise

- Shares Future Commmon Vision by both the Business and IT Communities with your Company/Organization

- Offers Better Support for Business, IT Analysis and Decision Making

- Enables Alignment of Data, Systems, Applications, Products, Services and Business Capabilities to Strategic Goals

- Aligns Budget Planning to Business Goals

- Standardizes Products and Technologies

- Improves IT Interoperability

- Integrates Systems Engineering into a Broader Enterprise View

- Increases Reuse of Existing Systems and System Components

- Articulates Impact Analysis of Change to the Business and IT Infrastructure

- Decreases Duplication of Effort and Services

- Improves Ability to Address Network Security

- Maximizes Reuse of Enterprise Framework to Reduce Delivery Time and Costs

- Provides a Blueprint Depicting Business and Technical Structure, Organization, Inter-Relationships of Component Parts, Systems, Subsystems, Data and Information Flows, Relationships with the External Environment, Guiding Principles and IT Financial Spend Plan for the Evolution of an Enterprise

- Maximizes Return on Investment in Existing and Future Business and IT Infrastructure

Enterprise Architecture Services

Netlocity’s Enterprise Architecture (EA) services provides our customers a blueprint of their business and information technology architectures. This blueprint helps you see where your company/organization is at today and guides you to where you want to be in the future. Our Enterprise Architecture (EA) services also provides the tools that inform and guide information technology decision-makers in their IT planning, investment, and solution decisions. Netlocity’s Enterprise Architecture (EA) tool set includes the principles, policies, standards, guidelines, processes and reference models/architectures to help our customers make better decisions.

Netlocity’s Enterprise Architecture (EA) services also go that extra step to really learn and understand the business drivers, principles and trends driving change in your company/organization. Enterprise Architecture (EA) provides the road map to achieve your organization’s growth and change goals so you can begin your journey with the end in mind and through a focus on decision making, empowering your company/organization to execute a logical sequence of steps that deliver desired outcomes.

Netlocity develops Enterprise Architectures based on various industry supported and government mandated architectural frameworks. Netlocity’s Enterprise Architecture (EA) approach is to assess and develop a delivery plan that provides regulatory compliance with an emphasis on practical use and value added utilization of the Enterprise Architecture (EA) artifacts within your organization. Netlocity also leverages the tools of Enterprise Architecture (EA) and applies them to IT Business Management in an actionable manner (Actionable Architecture). Supported Frameworks include DoDAF, TOGAF, FEAF and Zachman.

Let our team work with you to bring together people, process, and technology to transform your organization with our Enterprise Architecture services.