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How Can Netlocity Help You?




Netlocity secures your documents and data providing exceptional Disaster Recovery and control over the business knowledge so important to every organization


Netlocity automates your business processes by using today’s technology to eliminate redundant tasks allowing users to work where they can be most productive.


By making organizations more efficient, our customers see an extremely fast return on investment and continuing to show those returns for years to come.


Save you time and effort

We make it easy to purchase quality scanners and printers. A preferred GSA contractor and with 20 years of relationships we offer the industry’s best pricing and unprecedented selection.


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The Costs of Paper


$ 20

Labor cost to file a document

$ 110

Cost of finding a misfiled document

$ 220

Cost of reproducing lost document

$ 2,300

Cost of maintaining that same cabinet


  • Average space taken up in offices to store paper:

  • 14%
  • Documents are growing at a rate of 22% year

  • 22%
  • 30% of day filing, searching, retreiving documents

  • 30%
  • Cost of office space increases 19% year

  • 19%

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