Solution Architecture Services


Solution Architecture is the process and tools used to describe and develop the structure, design and executable solution to a specific set of problems or requirements. It encompasses both the documentation describing the structure and behavior of a solution to a problem and the process of describing that solution and the work to deliver it. A Solution Architecture specifies the system as it is intended to solve a specific set of problems or a given set of requirements and outlines migration paths that show how a system evolves from its current state to new targeted state.


Benefits of An Enterprise Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture is a tactical cousin to Enterprise Architecture (EA). While Enterprise Architecture (EA) gives an abstract and high level view of an entire enterprise, Solution Architecture gives a low level, detailed view of a particular solution inside of an enterprise. It provides a vision of the solution and outline and allows monitoring the progress towards implementation of a particular solution to fulfill the IT requirements for your enterprise.


Solution Architecture Services

Netlocity’s Solution Architecture Engineers provide you with the documentation, processes and solutions tailored to your specific IT challenges and needs. Netlocity's IT solutions result in the design of specific IT systems that are part of a larger Enterprise Architecture roadmap, allowing you to achieve your company's/organization’s future IT goals.

Netlocity begins with a Solution Audit to define a benchmark. Suitable for a high-level executive review, Netlocity's Benchmark Report assesses and validates the present state of your IT infrastructure. Netlocity's Benchmark Report reviews systems and topology that exist in your current IT environment, which systems are working close to capacity limits, which systems may not be configured correctly and which ones may not be supported moving forward. You will then be able to see how a new recommended solution will fit into and relate to your current IT capabilities.

Netlocity helps you easily understand the entire project through a high-level technical plan and solution recommendation. Netlocity outlines options, identifies the necessary budget and resources for the envisioned end-state communications solution to ultimately help you choose the optimal solution - one that aligns with your business strategies, timeline, and budget.

Netlocity also details how the recommended solution will function and how it can be implemented with a minimum of roadblocks and delays. Netlocity produces completed designs for an end-state solution, including details for each migration phase. Netlocity can also help plan complex regional or global implementations that are rolled out in multiple phases over several years. Your company/organization is now ready to implement a new IT solution, having identified technical risks and the strategies to avoid project delays and cost overruns.

Netlocity Solution Architecture Services include:


Solution Recommendation

  • Discover Solution Requirements
  • Identify Technical Options
  • Recommend End-State Environment
  • Align Stakeholders
  • Produce Documentation for Technical and Investment Decision Guidance


Solution Design

  • Design Multi-Phased Rollout
  • Establish Solution Design Governance
  • Produce Documentation of Detailed Design Plan for Phased Implementation



Ensure Industry and Government Regulatory Compliance

Considering the growing number of industry and government retention regulations for information retention policies, it is necessary for your business/organization to adopt a records management policy to minimize the risk associated with eDiscovery of large amounts of data stored across your enterprise. Netlocity's Records Management consultants offer solutions that ensures your business/organization is adhering to immediate and future legal, regulatory and industry compliance policies - that allow you to adapt quickly and easily as those policies evolve. With Netlocity's simplified and automated records management solutions, you can feel confident that your business/organization is in compliance with industry and government records retention requirements.


Lower Costs and Minimize Risk

From document storage costs to legal costs, it can be extremely costly to store the volumes of data your business/organization generates every year. Without a proper records management plan, you can inadvertently set yourself up for unnecessary risk when you hold on to unneeded information. Obsolete information, which can be discovered during legal cases or even distributed, can create exposure to legal costs as well as fines and penalties. Netlocity's Records Management business experts will recommend a Records Management solution that will help you lower costs and reduce legal risk by destroying obsolete information at the end of its lifecycle.


Increase Efficiencies and Employee Productivity

You need more than just a repository to store your mission critical enterprise content. You need to be able to locate, present and analyze your enterprise-wide information. Storing massive amounts of information is worthless if you cannot access it quickly and accurately report on it. Netlocity's Records Management consultants offer Records Management solutions that help you increase efficiencies and productivity by automating retention schedules, applying legal holds and easily locating and presenting your enterprise content for discovery if and when needed.


Let our team work with you to bring together people, process, and technology to transform your organization with our Solutions Architecture Services.